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Custom 8-Page Brochure Design | Booklet

Your company and your brand are unique and we understand that. It's with this understanding that we'll begin your 8-page brochure design by getting to know your company, your target market, the details of your project and specific goals. Then we'll design a brochure that promotes your business and strategically organizes the content to influence potential customers and drive the desired response.

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8-Page Brochure/Booklet Design Specifications:

The additional space in the 8-Page brochure or multi-page booklet allows your message to be organized by section or page, and with greater visual impact. Often used for company overviews or high visibility and top-tier products and services. An 8-page brochure, also known as a booklet is 2 page forms bound together to form multiple pages.

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8 Page Brochure | Multi-Page Booklet
Each form (front and back) is printed on oversized paper 11×17 or larger
The pages/forms are often staple bound (saddle stitched) and folded
The finished size when folded is 8.5 x 11

Unlimited Brochure Design Revisions*

" As an Investment Firm that demands excellence and professionalism, we were extremely satisfied with the level of craftsmanship Atomic Curve put into creating our marketing materials. From the original design through to the finished product we were quite impressed with their ability to capture the essence of our message and to deliver the end result within our allotted time schedule. There is no doubt we call on them again."

— Nat DiCarlo, CEO, Crossmarket Capital

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    8-Page Brochure Design Uses:

    • Service Brochure 8-page
    • Product Brochure 8-page
    • Corporate Brochure 8-page
    • Real Estate Brochure 8-page
    • Financial Brochure 8-page
    • Marketing Brochure 8-page
    • Data Brochure 8-page
    • Sales Brochure 8-page
    • Specialty Brochure 8-page
    • Investment Brochure 8-page
    • Insurance Brochure 8-page
    • Healthcare Brochure 8-page

    *After we send your initial brochure design, you get unlimited revisions for 30 days.