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Custom 6-Page Brochure Design

Your company and your brand are unique and we understand that. It's with this understanding that we'll begin your 6-page brochure design by getting to know your company, your target market, the details of your project and specific goals. Then we'll design a brochure that promotes your business and strategically organizes the content to influence potential customers and drive the desired response.

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6-Page Brochure Design Specifications:

One of our most popular formats is 6-Page brochure. The 6-page brochure is an economical way to deliver your message with a high-impact design. The additional panel is great for large photography, messaging or specifications. The larger inside spread allows for easy content organization, dynamic graphics, photos and charts.

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6 Page Brochure
Printed two sides on oversized 25.875 x 11 paper
The finished size when folded is 8.5 x 11
AKA: Full-size tri-fold, full-size 6 pager, large tri-fold

Unlimited Brochure Design Revisions*

" In a world where good work is hard to come by, Atomic Curve has been a breath of fresh air. Our project was very complex and standards very high, but they immediately understood what was needed and knew how to accomplish it."

— Jason Jenkins, Co-Founder, Jenkins Wealth

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    6-Page Brochure Design Uses:

    • Service Brochure 6-page
    • Product Brochure 6-page
    • Corporate Brochure 6-page
    • Real Estate Brochure 6-page
    • Financial Brochure 6-page
    • Marketing Brochure 6-page
    • Data Brochure 6-page
    • Sales Brochure 6-page
    • Specialty Brochure 6-page
    • Investment Brochure 6-page
    • Insurance Brochure 6-page
    • Healthcare Brochure 6-page

    *After we send your initial brochure design, you get unlimited revisions for 30 days.